Welcome to the home of I Speak Latin, the innovative new elementary Latin curriculum for young learners by classical educator Andrew Campbell. I Speak Latin uses students' natural capacity for language learning to help them master Latin vocabulary and syntax quickly and easily, without tedious worksheets, charts, or chants.

I Speak Latin engages students right from the start, getting them up out of their seats to learn verbs through physical motions. Students soon converse about their daily lives - family, pets, sports, clothing, food, weather - all the while building a rich and varied Latin vocabulary. Each lesson teaches a single grammar point and introduces vocabulary in natural groupings, based on context. Students can produce complete, meaningful, and correct Latin sentences after only a few lessons. Games and songs keep the class engaged and excited.

I Speak Latin is perfect for homeschools, co-op classes, cottage schools, or traditional classrooms.The program couldn't be easier to teach. Each lesson in the I Speak Latin book includes a full script with pronunciation guides and translations for teachers with little or no previous Latin experience. Free MP3 downloads teach you correct pronunciation. Dr. Campbell shares his years of teaching experience with tips for each lesson and hints on how to keep the class fun and exciting. And best of all, the I Speak Latin book gives you everything you need to teach the course, making I Speak Latin one of the most affordable elementary Latin curricula on the market.

What are you waiting for? Eamus! Let's go!

Download a 15-page PDF sample here.